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Life Lessons From The Cockpit

Frank Van Buren’s riveting, first person anecdotes, experienced over six years as a Blackhawk pilot in the U.S. Army, are a fun read with unforgettable lessons. The short stories involve harrowing close calls, incredible mental and physical challenges, and moments of high tension.

Frank shares insights at difficult and challenging moments, reflecting the struggles, mistakes and obstacles he had to overcome in order to succeed. Themes that resonate throughout include accepting criticism, building bridges, embracing discomfort, assuming responsibility, overcoming self-doubt, seizing opportunity, facing fears, living with a sense of purpose, seeking fresh perspectives and taking risks.

“Life Lessons From The Cockpit” is a compelling American success story, told in a way that relates to anyone who has ambitious dreams, but is hesitant to pursue them. This one is ideal if you are looking for an inspirational book that combines interesting storytelling with an honest recognition of the disabling emotions that we must conquer in order to succeed and experience a self-fulfilling life.

His desire to be the best at what he sets his mind extends to those he interacts with in an infectious way. His passion to help others improve is boundless and comes through whenever he speaks to a group of individuals. Five minutes talking to Frank always leaves me energized to improve myself.

Jared Cline