I met Frank on the first day of my first job out of college 13 years ago. He is by the far the most gifted teacher I have ever known. The ability to take complex and advanced financial instruments and break them down in such a way that anyone can understand them is a rare skill set. I was a deer in headlights for months at my new job, not knowing the vernacular and concepts that take many years to learn, but Frank had a unique and effective way of breaking information down, along with the willingness and the desire to help young, inexperienced people learn the ropes. I watched for a decade as new summer interns and new hires were drawn to Frank again and again in awe, as they would learn more from him in 25 minutes than they did during all their time in college. He was truly one of the greatest mentors I have ever had. Frank’s integrity, his character, and his willingness to help others succeed is what makes him the man that he is. It was an honor and a privilege to sit next to him for 10 years, but more importantly, I am proud today to call him my friend. In addition to myself, I speak for countless others when I say I would not have made it without him.
Frank Cornely | Director - High Yield Sales | U.S. Bank
Frank is a rare mix. He has a wealth of compelling and illustrative first person narratives – from his riveting experiences as a Army helicopter pilot, to his long time career in the far less dangerous world of high finance. But he is also genuine and magnetic, the kind of presenter that “sticks with you” long after he is done speaking. I had the privilege of working closely with him for almost 20 years, and was often riveted as he recounted portions of his extraordinary background, relating it to current events occurring in our office, in the country, and in the world. As with many former veterans, the ethos they followed when they served carries over to their personal and professional lives long after that service has ended. Honesty, loyalty, leadership, dedication to a purpose of far greater importance than one’s own self. I have lost track of the number of people who Frank has helped guide towards better outcomes. I only know I was one of them.
Rich Gordon | Managing Director - Fixed Income Strategist | Wells Fargo
For those who want to achieve success in their personal and professional lives, having the ability to communicate effectively is paramount. Frank Van Buren completely understands this as he has developed and mastered the art of effective communication in his 20-plus years of financial services experience. I have had the pleasure of seeing Frank in action speak to a variety of groups over the years, including the Eisenhower School of National Security where he led in-depth discussions with Commanders and other commissioned officers on the state of the financial services industry. Frank’s passion for educating others is evident, and something he genuinely enjoys. I fully and sincerely recommend Frank Van Buren as an expert on the art of communicating effectively and hope his message is received by those wanting to improve their personal and professional success.
Sam Bullard | Managing Director - Senior Economist | Wells Fargo
Over the past few years, Frank has participated in a variety of speaking events for the Wells Fargo Securities recruiting team. At each event, I am always impressed by his ability to engage a wide variety of candidates and help them learn more about our business through his clear and relatable communication style. He is able to take what is sometimes a dry and boring subject, and make it palatable and interesting for students with a diverse background of financial acumen. We are so fortunate to be able to count on Frank and his leadership in coaching the many young students who visit Wells Fargo Securities!
Jordan McAdams | Senior Recruiter | Wells Fargo
If you want to learn how to lead with greater impact and influence and present your best self, you want Frank on your team. For individuals who have an opportunity to speak with Frank, it will be immediately apparent that he truly has a deep grasp of the business, strategy, execution, and relationship side of the finance industry. While there were plenty of knowledgeable experts on the trading floor, communication and leadership were what set Frank apart. And because of his confidence, control of language, and proactive willingness to help others, he was able to inspire loyalty in the people around him. His compassion and genuine interest in others, likely brought on by a diverse and colorful set of experiences, made people feel right at home. Through watching Frank in action, I have learned that there is an art to persuasive storytelling, that humor and laughter can be a vehicle to deliver unique thought, and that fearless commitment to the moment, no matter how scary, is part of the journey to great public speaking.
Alan Zhao | Co-founder & CTO | Warmly
The list of military veterans with impressive public/private sector resumes is long and Frank’s is no exception. What sets Frank apart is his unique ability to break down his experiences and gained wisdom into simple concepts that can resonate with anyone. The first time I met him he was presenting on the relationship between the private side of investment banking and the public side of sales & trading. Prior to meeting Frank, I often found myself in over my head when the vague and complex world of “finance” ever came up. In 30 minutes Frank had given me a comprehensive roadmap, easily internalized, that I use to this day working in High Yield Sales & Trading. Always the optimist, Frank is an inspirational and magnetic spirit. His vast network of relationships built over a career are a true reflection of what a special person he is.
Casey Carroll | Director - HY Sales | Wells Fargo
Frank Van Buren is an experienced professional and dynamic leader who has a passion for using his experiences, insight, and voice to make a difference in the lives of others. Frank is especially gifted at communicating with young people. His authenticity, sense of humor and strong, clear ability to communicate and connect with an audience have made an impact on our high school students in both the College LAUNCH for Leadership Program and the Summer Immersion Program’s Business and Entrepreneurship Institute.
Betsy Schneider | Director Pre-College Programs | Wake Forest University
Frank served as a guest speaker for the Wake Forest Summer Immersion Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and was both engaging and knowledgeable. His ability to translate high-level finance and banking concepts into scenarios high school students understand and can apply is unmatched! Thank you for helping develop and positively impact our students and their future.
Kyla Hollingsworth | Executive Director Pre-College Programs | Wake Forest University
Frank has a lifetime of success and what I call a mastery of life skills. He has successfully served our country, raised an amazing family, and navigated the difficult world of high finance. Frank is one of the most impactful speakers I have seen. He has the ability to shed clarity, give direction and motivate in a way that connects with whom he is talking to – especially when Frank talks to younger generations. Frank has the ability to capture and hold the attention of those he is talking to, allowing his message to not only be heard, but internalized. I have seen Frank speak to a group of young men for several years as a guest speaker for an organization called Our Common Thread. Frank’s selfless spirit and willingness to share his wisdom has made a meaningful impact on many who have participated in this program.
Mark Adamson | Director | Wells Fargo Securities
Frank is a mentor and friend, who I am grateful to have in my life. He made himself available to me when I first began my career at Wells Fargo and gave me insight on how to achieve longevity and true success as a professional. Frank is intentional with his advice and rarely waste words. For that reason, I cling to the things he shares with me and I take every opportunity to spend time with him. If you are looking for someone who can motivate, challenge, and build with… Frank is your guy. Thanks for all you do FVB!
Keon Williams |
I have had the privilege of hearing Frank speak at numerous events geared towards veteran recruitment and breaking into the finance industry from the military. He is a well-spoken, insightful, and experienced speaker who knows how to engage his audience and deliver a message. His experience, both in the military and in finance, give him credibility and authority on most any subject. On a personal level, Frank has been a mentor to me, and other veterans like me. He is a caring individual who truly preaches career-advancing advice. If you have the privilege of listening to him speak, or to engage with him, I hope you take notes because what he is delivering is truth.
Victor Perez | CIB Head of Veterans Segment | Wells Fargo
Frank and I have worked together for the past few years. I have found him to be profoundly knowledgeable, passionate and a hard-working team member. I especially appreciated him speaking to our incoming Wealth and Investment Management analyst class where he explained the wholesale business and inspired incoming talent about financial services. Frank has a constant eye on the best interests of people and he’s always advocating for them. His warmth and keen interest in promoting top talent is a great asset. He’s an incredible resource and I’m proud to call him a coworker and a friend. I always look forward to our interactions and would recommend working with him if ever given the opportunity.
Sandra Fernandes | Board Director Advocate Executive Program | Wells Fargo
No one can reach the depths of your strongest motivations like Frank Van Buren. His ability to carefully craft a message that both inspires you for the long term and gets you to act now is not something you can teach, but something everyone should hear. Frank’s faithful service flying for the US Army and his committed excellence at the highest levels of banking has given him a wealth of perspective unique for succeeding wherever you may find yourself. My hope is that you want to take the journey towards your greatest potential because Frank Van Buren is specially equipped to help you construct your aspirational roadmap for getting there.
Tim Paul | Head of TalentAcquisition | Capital One Software
I have come to know Frank personally over the last few years after I invited him to take part in a philanthropy near and dear to my heart. As a leader in Wells Fargo Securities, I looked to have Frank engage with a group of young college students about to embark on the next stage of life and found him to be very inspirational and motivating. He has a passion for making a difference and he used personal experiences to portray how, in at least one case, hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. I even found myself moved by his ability to connect at a ‘real’ level with people from all walks of life. Frank has made my journey with educating young people easier with the lessons my partners and I have witnessed having him speak at my forums.
Tommy Watkins | Managing Director - Operational Risk Leader | Wells Fargo
I have known Frank Van Buren for over ten years and in that time he has consistently challenged me to improve as an individual, supported my growth as a student and working professional, as well as been a great friend. His desire to be the best at what he sets his mind extends to those he interacts with in an infectious way. His passion to help others improve is boundless and comes through whenever he speaks to a group of individuals. Five minutes talking to Frank always leaves me energized to improve myself.
Jared Cline | Senior Data Scientist | Constellation Brands
I was very fortunate to get to hear Frank Van Buren speak at the orientation for the Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management Analyst program. As a former athlete, I loved the way that Frank was able to relate athletics and his time in the military to work and I have already applied several of his lessons to my day to day. He is an extremely captivating speaker – proven by the fact he was able to capture and connect with 20 young minds after a day full of speakers.
Dorie Dalzell | Institutional Fixed Income Sales | Wells Fargo
I have known Frank VanBuren for more than 15 years, and the characteristic I would use to describe his personality is “great communicator”. Whether Frank is explaining a complicated financial situation to a seasoned peer, or teaching basic professional skills to a classroom full of new hires straight out of college, Frank is articulate, concise, informed and, most importantly, effective. Frank’s been a leader throughout his life, whether it’s as an athlete, military aviator, or senior finance profession, and people follow him because he’s constantly communicating the path.
Neil Giardino | Managing Director - Debt Capital Markets | Regions Bank
Frank is an influential speaker whose authentic and inspirational stories connect with a wide variety of audiences. He articulates complex subject matter in practical and relevant terms. His unique background combines with a passion for teaching and draws people in immediately. More than just a skilled orator, Frank’s affable and engaging personality allows him to connect easily with his audience on a personal level. One on one, he tailors his content and provides insights and guidance into finding success in all areas of life.
JD Schurter | Head of Cash IPV | Wells Fargo
Frank L. Van Buren has been a trusted Advisor and Motivational Speaker for over four years with Our Common Thread. Our organization is a professional prep and network group for minority males on the cusp of their career paths. Frank has opened up his life experiences to help guide these Associates with an honesty and tact that creates incredible trust and inspiration. Each year Frank has uplifted many lives and left an impact that doesn’t end at the finality of the program. His generosity of time and wisdom is greater than any other gift that could be given. We are thankful for his service.
Dustin Shearon | Director - South East | Sirius XM
Frank and I served together in the 498th Air Ambulance Company at Ft. Benning Ga. He was always professional and on point. Whenever I was on his crew I knew I had to step up my game with him. And I always grew in a positive direction from being around him.
David Kimball | Owner | North Houston Pallets And Crates
I became acquainted with Mr. Frank Van Buren via his outreach to my school dean. In summer 2017 we held a meeting, along with two members of the student veterans chapter I advise. It was a pleasure to learn of Frank’s life pursuits, particularly those related to or concurrent with his former military and subsequent banking experience. He was asked to speak at a joint session of Freshman business majors during the fall 2017 semester. Frank utilized the hour to provide an informative, challenging, and inspiring talk. His devotion to youth and career development is evidenced by varied, refreshing means that prospective audiences would do well to consider.
Dr. Ellis Hayes | Finance Professor | Wingate University
In April of 2021, I retired from a career in Financial Services. After 40 years in corporate life, it was time to take the next step. One of the first people I reached out to was Frank. I sought out Frank first because he is someone whose judgment I trust and respect. I was confident he would provide direct, honest and candid feedback, even if difficult to hear. Second, Frank is highly regarded and well known for developing others. His keen insight into the skills and talents of others is unmatched. He possesses a finely honed ability to ask the right questions compelling you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Further, he forces you to discover how you have successfully (and unsuccessfully) applied them throughout your career. Finally, armed with that analysis, he works with you to determine the next steps in your career development.
Mark Noonan | College Career Advisor & Associate Director MBA | Wake Forest University School of Business
Members of the Armed Forces eventually face a transition to a civilian career and life. In fact, almost a quarter of a million transition every year. Beyond The Uniform is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to navigate this transition with confidence. A significant piece of the transition puzzle is showcasing examples of veterans who have successfully made this transition, what they learned, what they wish they knew, and what advice they’d offer. Frank Van Buren generously shared his compelling story and advice, and it has inspired many in our community of transitioning veterans. His communication skills and ability to explain the complex world of high-finance to an audience, in practical terms that are digestible to the veteran considering this career field, is absolutely vital in our mission to help those who served our nation. I highly recommend Frank Van Buren if you are looking for an energetic, knowledgeable and persuasive speaker to motivate an audience in a positive manner.
Justin Nassari | CEO | Executive Presence & Beyond The Uniform
Frank Van Buren is an extraordinary individual with an enormous commitment and dedication to motivating those he encounters. After hearing Frank’s story via the Beyond the Uniform podcast, I was left feeling energized and motivated to take on all career obstacles that lay ahead. While I am not a veteran, Frank’s ability to detail his journey from Blackhawk Piot to business school to finance was extremely crisp and would leave any listener inspired to do more. I eventually had the chance to meet and get to know Frank and can unequivocally say, HE IS THE REAL DEAL. It is a rare thing to come upon a person who is so personally invested in the success of those he advises, whether it be business school, real estate, or navigating the finance industry. Frank is a strong leader and, in particular, one who has the ability to effectively communicate a positively enthralling message.
Kadeem Collins | Industrial Development | USAA Real Estate
Frank Van Buren goes above and beyond the call to serve, both as a Veteran and as a professional. Over the past year, Frank has helped me personally refine my career path and provided advice on how to succeed along the way. From introductions to other leaders in the industry, to career guidance, Frank has always lended a helping help to the next generation of Veterans. I will continue to look at Frank as a mentor and will seek his advice at different crossroads along the way. I look forward to helping other veterans the same way Frank has helped me.
Andrew Hudson | HY Sales | Citizens Financial Group
Frank VanBuren was the single most important individual in my transition from the military. I felt that I had prepared myself well to switch careers, and it was still an incredibly difficult process. Many companies are trying to help military members transition, and they will try to fit your circle into whichever square hole is best for their company. They will convince you that you’re going to be a great square, and if that hole is big enough, any shape will fit through. But the the truth about what roles would be best is often hard to find. Sometimes I didn’t like the truth that Frank was telling me, but it was always the truth. Frank has an incredible and unique perspective that draws people to him, and he is a connector of people. I consider him an incredible mentor and coach, and I am truly lucky to have been another veteran that he has pulled out of the water during what I thought would be a very smooth transition out of the military.
Ryan Burke | Fund Finance | Wells Fargo
I have personally admired Frank’s honesty and integrity for the entirety of our relationship. He is a quality human being who has always focused on making not only other individuals better but also making the world around him a better place. His truly humane instincts allows him to relate and connect with most anyone making conversations even with large groups feel extremely personal
Donnie Johnson | Managing Director - Developement Officer | Wells Fargo
Frank has a tremendous ability to connect with many types of people from all different walks of life. His valued experiences in military, business, finance and life have given him a strong ability to inspire, motivate and lead. The guidance and mentorship that I received from Frank was invaluable to my career development.
Scott Patrick | Business Development Executive | Ren