"I met Frank on the first day of my first job out of college 13 years ago. He is by the far the most gifted teacher I have ever known. The ability to take complex and advanced financial instruments and break them down in such a way that anyone can understand them is a rare skill set. I was a deer in headlights for months at my new job, not knowing the vernacular and concepts that take many years to learn, but Frank had a unique and effective way of breaking information down, along with the willingness and the desire to help young, inexperienced people learn the ropes. I watched for a decade as new summer interns and new hires were drawn to Frank again and again in awe, as they would learn more from him in 25 minutes than they did during all their time in college. He was truly one of the greatest mentors I have ever had. Frank’s integrity, his character, and his willingness to help others succeed is what makes him the man that he is. It was an honor and a privilege to sit next to him for 10 years, but more importantly, I am proud today to call him my friend. In addition to myself, I speak for countless others when I say I would not have made it without him".

- Frank Cornely | Director - High Yield Sales

U.S. Bank


"Frank is a rare mix. He has a wealth of compelling and illustrative first person narratives – from his riveting experiences as a Army helicopter pilot, to his long time career in the far less dangerous world of high finance. But he is also genuine and magnetic, the kind of presenter that “sticks with you” long after he is done speaking. I had the privilege of working closely with him for almost 20 years, and was often riveted as he recounted portions of his extraordinary background, relating it to current events occurring in our office, in the country, and in the world. As with many former veterans, the ethos they followed when they served carries over to their personal and professional lives long after that service has ended. Honesty, loyalty, leadership, dedication to a purpose of far greater importance than one’s own self. I have lost track of the number of people who Frank has helped guide towards better outcomes. I only know I was one of them."

- Rich Gordon | Managing Director - Fixed Income Strategist

Wells Fargo

"For those who want to achieve success in their personal and professional lives, having the ability to communicate effectively is paramount. Frank Van Buren completely understands this as he has developed and mastered the art of effective communication in his 20-plus years of financial services experience. I have had the pleasure of seeing Frank in action speak to a variety of groups over the years, including the Eisenhower School of National Security where he led in-depth discussions with Commanders and other commissioned officers on the state of the financial services industry. Frank’s passion for educating others is evident, and something he genuinely enjoys. I fully and sincerely recommend Frank Van Buren as an expert on the art of communicating effectively and hope his message is received by those wanting to improve their personal and professional success."

- Sam Bullard | Managing Director - Senior Economist

Wells Fargo

"Over the past few years, Frank has participated in a variety of speaking events for the Wells Fargo Securities recruiting team. At each event, I am always impressed by his ability to engage a wide variety of candidates and help them learn more about our business through his clear and relatable communication style. He is able to take what is sometimes a dry and boring subject, and make it palatable and interesting for students with a diverse background of financial acumen. We are so fortunate to be able to count on Frank and his leadership in coaching the many young students who visit Wells Fargo Securities!"

- Jordan McAdams | Senior Recruiter

Wells Fargo

"If you want to learn how to lead with greater impact and influence and present your best self, you want Frank on your team. For individuals who have an opportunity to speak with Frank, it will be immediately apparent that he truly has a deep grasp of the business, strategy, execution, and relationship side of the finance industry. While there were plenty of knowledgeable experts on the trading floor, communication and leadership were what set Frank apart. And because of his confidence, control of language, and proactive willingness to help others, he was able to inspire loyalty in the people around him. His compassion and genuine interest in others, likely brought on by a diverse and colorful set of experiences, made people feel right at home. Through watching Frank in action, I have learned that there is an art to persuasive storytelling, that humor and laughter can be a vehicle to deliver unique thought, and that fearless commitment to the moment, no matter how scary, is part of the journey to great public speaking."

- Alan Zhao | Co-founder & CTO


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