Transition Advisory

Van Buren Transition Advisory

Van Buren Transition Advisory (“VTA”) was founded by Frank Van Buren in 2023 to provide a wide range of advisory services, both to individuals and organizations. 


1 on 1 career advisory services

Work with individuals to visualize, plan and navigate career transitions. 

    • Guided Introspection 
    • Career path planning 
    • Privacy confidentiality guarantee
    • A Confidant on your journey
    • Source of hope, clarity and sounding board
    • Networking facilitator 

Organizational Consulting

Partner with organizations to improve retention of talent to positively impact bottom line. 

    • Structure and implement internal mobility programs
    • Share cultural best practices
    • Recommend effective mentoring systems

Launching 2023

Frank is one of the most impactful speakers I have seen. He has the ability to shed clarity, give direction and motivate in a way that connects with whom he is talking to – especially when Frank talks to younger generations.
Mark Adamson
He is a well-spoken, insightful, and experienced speaker who knows how to engage his audience and deliver a message. His experience, both in the military and in finance, give him credibility and authority on most any subject.
Victor Perez