Speech Topics

Frank Van Buren’s Speech Topics

Frank Van Buren shares perspectives on personal growth and enhanced organizational effectiveness through unique and transformative sessions.


Your Unique Journey towards Success With Fulfillment

This core topic is suited for audiences in transition; college students, veterans, mid-career, and return to the workforce talent. The core concept is to gain self-awareness through introspection, then apply this knowledge in a process to gravitate towards a career that values your unique attributes and triggers a sense of fulfillment. The speech is 45 minutes in length, with 15 minutes of Q&A.

  • Introspection: Who are You?
  • Vision: What is Right For You? What is the Victory?
  • Self Management: Develop Confidence, Conquer Fear of Failure, Implement Wellness Habits, Manage Personal Associations, Plant Mental Seeds.
  • Investment in Yourself: Public Speaking, Skill Training
  • Overcoming Adversity: Recognizing Opportunity, Finding Growth in Struggle, Making Decisions.
  • Power of Positivity: Be Grateful, Find The Good

The Capital Markets Puzzle

This topic is a practical explanation of the complex world of high-finance, and focuses on a systematic and understandable explanation of the Investment Banking – Sales & Trading process of how corporations access capital. The module is suited for audiences who have an interest in breaking into this lucrative and demanding world; Undergraduate and Business School students, mid-career transitions, or supporting disciplines who would like to gain a greater understanding; operations, business management and back-office. The speech is 45 minutes in length, with 15 minutes of Q&A.

    • Description of High Finance roles and dominant attributes sought for each.
    • Sequential example of capital markets financing. 
    • Clarity on the Recruiting Process. 

Management and Leadership Secrets

This topic is suited for audiences who want to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and secrets of excellent leaders and managers; Undergraduate and Business School Students, Emerging Organizational Managers and Promising Junior Leaders. The speech is 45 minutes in length, with 15 minutes of Q&A.

    • Clarifying difference between Managers & Leaders.
    • Effective Habits of Managers & Leaders.
    • Fundamental Techniques in Engaging People.
    • What Separates the “Good from Great”

Power Networking and Optimal Mentoring

This topic is suited for Students, Organizational Leaders, Talent Development professionals, Corporate Managers. The emphasis is on sharing best practices on how to build, maintain and harvest effective networks and mentoring systems. The speech is 45 minutes in length, with 15 minutes of Q&A.

    • The most effective networking question to ask.
    • Learning how to craft and tell your story to gain advocates. 
    • Why the historical approach to mentoring is flawed.
    • Modern Multiple Mentoring Matching concept. 

One on One Sessions

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Frank is a rare mix. He has a wealth of compelling and illustrative first person narratives – from his riveting experiences as a Army helicopter pilot, to his long time career in the far less dangerous world of high finance. But he is also genuine and magnetic, the kind of presenter that “sticks with you” long after he is done speaking..
Rich Gordon
For those who want to achieve success in their personal and professional lives, having the ability to communicate effectively is paramount. Frank Van Buren completely understands this as he has developed and mastered the art of effective communication in his 20-plus years of financial services experience.
Sam Bullard