Are you successful, but unfulfilled?

“Successful…but unfulfilled”. You know, the money, position, prestige, nice office, respect from colleagues, access to opportunities…but still, that daily “meh” feeling.  We know it was a core factor in the “Great Resignation”, triggered by pandemic driven introspection, which continues to have an impact on the bottom line of organizations still reacting to unplanned attrition. It …

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Let’s be dealers in hope

Last week in New York City, I had the honor of moderating a Wells Fargo Veterans Day discussion with Admiral James Stavridis and Vice Chair Bill Daley. After the formal event, team members and clients gathered for a few cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the lobby.  Before leaving for dinner, the Admiral — former Supreme Allied Commander NATO, …

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Two Important Networking Questions

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a mentor in his Morehouse College professor, Dr. Howard Thurman. Dr. Thurman’s commitment to a spiritually and physically integrated society, and to the methods of Gandhian non-violence served as a major influence in Dr. King’s life, and it positively impacted America. Dr. Thurman offers wise words about the influence of our …

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