Veterans Day & Service

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918, the Allied and Central powers observed an armistice ending World War 1, which had claimed over twenty million lives. 

In the United States, Armistice Day, as it was first known, turned into Veterans Day, when we celebrate those who have served in the armed forces, and honored the code to serve something greater than oneself; nation.  

Across the globe in our allied partner nations, Armistice and Remembrance Day are equally celebrated with the same sense of gratitude and respect for the spirit and ethos of our military veterans. 

Veterans Day is about military service, but as a youngster raised in the military community, we learned that the larger theme was to make our lives about service to something greater than ourselves…and that can come in many forms outside of military service.  

Contributing to worthy causes, volunteering in the community, helping those in need…a few of the limitless ways in which we can enrich many lives through involvement in endeavors beyond our own selfish interests…is a core value that connects us as global citizens.  

This calling…this spirit…this desire to serve and be part of something larger than oneself, is embodied in the veteran community, who we honor every year on November 11th, but runs through each of us when we place family, team, community, country over self. 

Service is the best opportunity for each global citizen to connect with the honor code of the military veteran, and through the heroic acts of our legendary warriors.  

Service transcends political, racial, economic or any other artificial barrier in society.  

As every military recruit learns on the first day of boot camp…differences dissolve when we have a common and noble purpose.   

So this Veterans Day weekend, we celebrate this important moment together…as one.

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